Yet Another Study Showing the Dangers of Fluoride

Photo courtesy of Jenny Downing

We’ve all been led to believe that fluoride is good and that it prevents cavities.  However, I’ve recently read quite a few studies that exposed the dangers of fluoride.  It is actually an industrial pollutant, and sodium fluoride, which is used in drinking water and toothpaste, is used as a rat poison.  So how did an industrial pollutant and rat poison make it’s way to our drinking water?  Journalist Christopher Bryson wrote a book The Fluoride Deception that talks about how this nuclear waste by-product became a standard additive to drinking water across the U.S.

There are numerous studies out now that show the dangers to IQ.  The latest article I read, “Fluoridation makes us stupid and unhealthy,” talks about a recent Chinese study that concluded “low dose sodium fluoride in drinking water diminishes IQ, especially among children.” has a list of the studies, showing reduced IQ.

Fluoride is very damaging to the body in other ways.  It can displace other needed minerals in the body, thereby altering the proper function of various body systems.  For example, fluoride replaces selenium in the thyroid and can cause various metabolic dysfunctions.  In another example, fluoride can also replace calcium in the bones, causing bone diseases.  For more information, see the list of documented, adverse effects.

Cavities didn’t become a problem in humans until we started eating grains.  Then, cavities and periodontal diseases became prevalent.  They can be prevented by eating less sugar and grains.