First Weigh-in for Simply Determined and Some Discoveries

Okay, I’ve finished one full week on Atkins and I’ve lost 5.8 lbs. I’m feeling energetic and optimistic about Week 2.

I also want to share my latest discoveries…

(1)     The Atkins website offers some really great recipes and a forum where people, including absolute beginners and people with more than 150 lbs to lose, can get and give support. On other forums I’ve always been more of a lurker than a contributor, but I decided to go public on the “over 100 lb” forum and join a group. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. (See sidebar link to Atkins site)

(2)     For eating out, Ruby Tuesday is a great place for low carb dieters. I had dinner there Friday night with my husband and found they were happy make substitutions and offer cauliflower mashers as a sub for potatoes and steamed broccoli. They also have a well-stocked salad bar. (Go to:

(3)     FitDay offers amazing tools and they’re free! Check out their online journal, food log, and nutrition calculator. You can even enter your own “custom foods” that are not in their catalog. I’ve been entering my daily foods for a couple of days now. It isn’t able to calculate net carbs, but if you do that yourself, it’s very helpful for tracking what you’re eating! (See link on sidebar)

(4)   Linda’s Low Carb Recipes provides delicious recipes by the course and each one includes nutritional information. (See link on sidebar)


  1. You go, girlfriend! Congrats on a terrific first week! I’m so proud of you!