Weekly Update for Simply Determined

Here’s the verdict for this week’s weigh in. Total loss since I began on 2/22? 11.6 pounds.

Here are some things I thought I’d share:

Knowing I have to weigh in on Monday helps me resist temptation from about Friday to weigh time.

I found that I could drink more water if I keep glass of water with me at all times. (1) I down a glass when I first wake up, (2) another at breakfast, (3) work on one from breakfast to lunch, (4) down one during lunch, (5) work on another all afternoon, (6) down one at dinner, and then I slow down because I don’t want to be up all night. I usually have something hot to drink, like tea, in the evening.  This is only 6 glasses a day, but it’s a start.

Another tip: Load up on raw veggies, put them in a container and take it out for meals and snacks. I’m finding I prefer raw. I started out dipping them in ranch dressing, but I don’t really want to do that so much now. I do have to get some protein and fat in, so I usually eat some cheese or turkey, or eggs with my veggies (Funny, I used to eat veggies with my proteins).

The FitDay tools are also a motivator. They keep me on top of how much I’ve eaten and what foods I do and do not need for each meal. I can easily see where I have problems and need to focus on eating better. Fiber, for instance, is a challenge in my low carb diet.

There’s also a negative side to this. Not only is it difficult to resist some foods sometimes, but I worry that I will not want to keep up the water and food journal. I want them integrated into my routine, like brushing my teeth, but currently I see them as burdens. If I stop–even when I meet my weight goal–I am afraid the pounds will come back (it’s happened before).



  1. Terrific, SD!!! I love how you are keeping track of your water. I keep a graduated contained in the refrigerator that holds 64 ounces, the minimum one should drink in a day.

    Also, I love your veggie tip and how you are eating some protein with your veggies.

    That’s great that FitDay is working great for you.

    I’m SO proud of you!!!