If You Need a Snack, Try Lärabars [Updated]

I first heard of Lärabars when I heard Jillian Michaels speak.  She said these were all natural.  Being curious, I had to investigate this for myself.

Wow, I was totally amazed when I went to the Lärabars website! They are all natural with nutritious ingredients.  I then searched for some nutrition facts and found them at DietFacts.com.

Lärabars currently sells 16 different varieties and a mini 12 count box of 4 cherry pie, 4 cashew cookie, and 4 apple pie bars.

If you want to try to make your own, I found several Lärabar recipes and organic, vegan Lärabar recipes.

I haven’t tried these snacks, but they look really good.  If anyone has tried them, let me know your thoughts.

[Updated] We bought a peanut butter bar and an apple pie bar and split them.  They were both great!


  1. Jimmy Scharping says:

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