Weight Loss Observations and Water

I’m now keeping track of weight loss every day (I was only weighing myself once per week) because I’m doing scientific observations of what works for me.  Besides weight, I’m keeping track of calories (I’ve been doing that, but this calorie count is now in a new weight tracking spreadsheet that I came up with), water consumption, exercise, and an estimate (thanks to Nutrition Data http://www.nutritiondata.com/tools/calories-burned) of the calories I burned for each day.

What I’ve noticed is that I’m really sensitive to salt.  A couple weeks ago, I went out to eat four times with various friends and family (which I think must be a record since we don’t usually go out much).  I actually gained .3 pounds, which I don’t think was right because I tried to make really healthy choices.  Keep in mind that I wasn’t drinking a lot of water then, either.

Then, that weekend we went to Mizzou with my daughter for the Science Olympiad tournament, and I had an Egg McMuffin and pizza.  Surprisingly, on Thursday (even after eating at Casa Gallardo with Simply Determined), I lost 2.3 pounds.  Since this past Thursday, I already lost 2.2 pounds.  The difference these two weeks was that I started drinking at least 12 glasses of water per day, more if I’m exercising a lot.  (My hypothesis on these big numbers is that I’m losing fat and some of the water weight that I had gained while eating out.)

It is REALLY essential that you drink enough water because the water actually flushes your system and keeps your metabolism running efficiently.  Water also helps you get rid of toxins, which can harm your body and slow your metabolism.  If I’m going out to eat, I’m realizing it’s absolutely essential to drink more water to get rid of the salt; otherwise, my body will hoard the water, the same as it hoards calories when I don’t eat enough.

The other thing I’m doing is varying my calories from 1300 to 1800.  If I exercise more, I eat more.  To keep your body on its toes, you have to vary your exercise and calorie intake.  Some days walk more, others less.  Walk faster at times, slower at others.

The bottom line is that we need to think more like we would if we lived naturally, like hunter-gatherers.  Every day is different for them, so the body has different needs with different activities.  Actually, I like this idea because it doesn’t mean I’m stuck doing one thing at the same pace and eating the same amount of food every day.

I just checked the calories I ate and the estimated calories burned.  (Keep in mind that the estimate for calories burned is actually low because I’m walking faster than the tool thinks I am, and I’m not just on a flat surface.)  My weight loss so far this week finally is more commensurate with my calories eaten.  For the FIRST time ever!!!  OK, I admit that I didn’t start tracking estimates on calories burned until the middle of last week, so I really can’t tell.  However, I’ve never lost weight that fast before even with walking/running close to 40 miles per week.  It really has made me wonder why I wasn’t losing faster, but drinking more water and eating more (and varying the amounts) seems to be the key.

I’m doing scientific observations, so you don’t have to.  🙂     Hopefully, my observations about myself apply to you, too!