Weight Loss Observations and Water

I'm now keeping track of weight loss every day (I was only weighing myself once per week) because I'm doing scientific observations of what works for me.  Besides weight, I'm keeping track of calories (I've been doing that, but this calorie count is … [Read more...]

The Challenges of Training for a 5K

With the local school district's run/walk looming around the corner on May 15 (my daughter's birthday), I'm a little worried about whether or not I'm going to be ready to run the whole 5K. For years, I've walked in the event; in fact, I pushed my … [Read more...]

Highly Recommended: Chi Walking: The Five Mindful Steps for Lifelong Health and Energy

Do you want to start an exercise program?  Are you already walking but want to know how to avoid blisters and other injuries?  Do you want to walk more efficiently and healthfully?  Are you landing incorrectly on your feet?  You might be surprised by … [Read more...]