Recipe: Beef Kebobs with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

I was inspired to make this recipe after seeing the Fish Kebabs with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce recipe in the book Cook Yourself Thin Faster: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too with Over 75 New Recipes You Can Make in a Flash! (There is a different … [Read more...]

Recipe: Creole Seasoning

I love well-flavored and spicy foods, and this recipe, which  is a modification of Emeril Lagasse's recipe I found at, is a great compliment to many dishes. This seasoning goes great on a good, sturdy piece of fish, pork, and beef.  … [Read more...]

Recipe: Spicy Lamb Stew with Butternut Squash

I got a butternut squash from my CSA, Three Rivers Community Farm, so I needed a recipe.  My recipe below was inspired by the one at Simply Recipes. Note: It is spicy, so if you don't like too much spiciness, use less red pepper flakes and cayenne … [Read more...]